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My books might be fiction but they cover everything from working abroad to supporting autism, infidelity to work-based politics.
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"I love my author inspired ink"

"Maga High party, Aug '18"

February 2018

Maga High

Where it all began...

Jodie is on her first girls holiday in Magaluf. She's freshly single and in need of a break. She is quickly whisked away by the wildness of this infamous party place! And soon there is no going back, at least not the way she came!


"Maga High-

Scaring grown men  since 2018!"

My Blog

I started my blog for a number of reasons...


First and foremost, I love to write!

Secondly I want to share my experiences so far of writing, self-publishing, being an Indie author and promoting books.

I want to connect with other bookworms, authors, creatives and like-minded individuals who value positivity and live to explore. 

And last but by no means least, I aim to promote equality, freedom and opportunity. I want to offer support to those affected by the themes of my books.

Maga High Stripped

My first blog post!

The top ten questions I am asked about Maga High, answered!

Am I the real Jodie?

Is Maga High fact or fiction?

Did I really see willies in the streets of Magaluf?


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