Almost ten years ago I started saying yes more. Four years ago I became self-employed. Two years ago I self-published my first book. And now I'm a self-styled lifestyle writer. Self-made? Working on that.

Find out more about me. I ain't afraid to let my weirdo light shine. And wave my crazy flag. I find it attracts the best (and sometimes worst) of people but always the most amazing experiences.


My life, attitude and beliefs influence my writing and the projects I get involved with. My blog features many fun, shocking and entertaining topics. 

Take a look around for all of this plus more on all of my published books so far!

"I love my author inspired ink"

"Maga High party, Aug '18"

November 2020

The Narcissist Notebook

A Collection of Toxic Tales

Short stories and poems written by a collection of 'us' (real people).

Shocking, bizarre, unsettling and heart-warming tales based around 'toxic relationships' in love, work and life.

"Maga High-

Scaring grown men  since 2018!"

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I offer a range of services to help you get your words in print. Even if you don't have the words, or know which words to use. Whether you want to write a book or need content to promote your product I have an offer to help you.

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