About Me

People ask if I'm weird. Most of my personalities agree. 

I have more sides than a myriagon. I admit to being a walking, talking contradiction. Does this make me crazy? Human? Insufferably inconsistent; or invariably interesting to have around?

I strive for the acceptance of differences and I actively celebrate individuality by expressing myself in many ways. I write, dance, draw, perform, cry, rant, get a tattoo.

I know a natural trait or talent does not define nor make one better than another. Equality is not treating everyone the same, it's treating each person individually and without a pre-assumption or agenda.

One thing I'm not, is afraid to shine. I fight my corner and hope to encourage others to find themselves - be happy in their own head. I work hard to maintain a healthy mind.

Being true to myself has been exceptionally rewarding and difficult at times too. I am both accepted and rejected, regarded and scorned. Perhaps pessimistically, I have come to believe it is never enough... until it's too much. 

I sometimes feel punished for my attitude; often I feel great.

Blame is a distraction. I'm all about 'being' and 'doing'. The here and now. Actions speak. Don't tell me who you

are, show me.

The pandemic has had a massive impact, worldwide, and there have been silver linings to find for some. It hasn't all been doom and gloom for me, but it has forced me to reassess pretty much everything about my life plans, decisions so far and my future - admittedly taking a massive toll on my mental health. I'm thankful for my close network.

Up until 2020, I spent as much time as I could holidaying, exploring, seeking out new experiences and challenging myself physically and mentally. See my blog.

My natural thirst for life came in very handy for getting my books into the public eye. I spent money making memories and it also provided a constant stream of opportunities to promote my work, as well as inspiration for new articles or projects. This was a cycle that benefited me in many ways - my lifestyle made me extremely happy and fulfilled and in turn was helping my career.

Eventually, I've reassessed my direction, found new focus; having goals to work toward is very important to me. I stand by the fact that even if you miss a target, it's a process that isn't wasted. Instead of seeing these recent restrictions as barriers, I'm grateful that lockdown has taught me to work online - developing skills I previously avoided.

Zoom workshops are now in the pipeline and I'm looking forward to the future once again.

I am pro personal development and productivity. I've come to realise you can offer someone the ideas, skills and tools to make a change or achieve something - but they have to be the one to want to do it, and actually do it!

I compete with myself - always looking to beat a personal best - I'm my biggest critic. I've come to trust myself and I'll always go through with the things that scare me - solo travel in India, going live on the radio the first time and a 100 bike ride, to name a few.


All these things have added to my confidence and the writer I am today! 

One of the things I feel proudest of (another scary time) was taking part in a competition which tested my 'stand-up comedian' skills - and clearly I have some because I won.

It's an avenue I'd love to explore in the future.


If I could achieve one thing this year it would be to buy my camper van and offer a moving 'book swap' in 2022. 

I am truly blessed to know I have the most fabulous of people by my side! And my little sisters, if they don't know it yet, will one day understand my aim is to inspire them to be and do whatever it is that makes them happy! 

I wish you all the best. And if you'd like to work with me please get in touch.   Lindzimayann@outlook.com