Lyrical Makeovers

Personalised Gift * Branding * Memes    Wall Art * Content & Speech Rhyming 

In short - you tell me what you want to rhyme, and I will do it.

Scroll down for examples of my work to give you ideas, because, well who doesn't need a personalised poem in their life!

Price for one-off  10-16 lines  £20

Send me your ideas!

Thank you. I will take a look and get back to you soon! Please allow 5 working days.

Want to tell somebody special how much you think of them?

Want to mark a special date with a rhyming little gem?

Perhaps an anniversary; ‘A Tale Of… where you pair stem?

Or a birthday present for a friend, ‘Do You Remember When…?’

Maybe you want to treat a relative. A stag or a hen.

Or maybe you need to write a speech but can’t work a pen!

Is somebody you know, stressed out, and in need of some Zen?

What about those that have got everything, what do you do then?

Whatever the occasion, well, even if there’s not.

Give me your story, I’ll write a poem that I promise will hit the spot.

Tell me the details, a lyrical swot, I will rhyme the lot.

It’s easy and simple. And the result is easily, simply smokin‘ hot.

A lyrical makeover for your story, you provide the plot.

 Pick your tone, nice, funny, deep or do you want to be a grot?

 I can do dirty, sweary, emotional, since I’m human – not an internet ’bot

So come on. You’re waiting for what? Show me what you got…

Meme Me Only Die Once.JPG
Meme be your own hero.JPG
Meme me what i ink is instinct.JPG
Slimming world rep.JPG

I write content and I can make it rhyme.

What is it you want to say? I’ll give it a chime.

Whether it’s food, clothes, products, a service – it is fine.

I produce a poem for you, line after line.

Time after time, come up with the design.

A lyrical swine,

I’ll make your readers pine.

Can’t get enough of you, they know now you’re divine, sublime.

Make it impossible for the custom to decline.

What you’ve got is gold, I’ll just make it shine.

Your message will ring clearer with a makeover of mine.

I hope I got you thinking now, where do I sign?

Let me send lyrical chills down your spine.

Fill in the contact form, today we rise, together we climb.

I will give your content flow. Make messages eye-catching.

Create a stash of rhymes for you to promote your brand.


Use the form at the top of the page to discuss your ideas.

Price for a standalone: £20.

Business packages from: £40.