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I chose to self-publish following many unsuccessful attempts to secure a contract with a publisher or agent. This  allows me to get my work out there, attracting readers, whilst continuing to write more stories and explore other projects. I have lots more ideas for future books and still don my author cap when I'm not working on contracts.

This has been a tough approach to becoming an established author. I am proud to have sold over 1000 copies of my books. And my steadily increasing fanbase is supporting the rise of my freelance writing services.

Maga High


I finally completed the penning of Maga High in 2017, releasing it in early 2018.


Sexy, saucy, shocking - downright sordid... the surprising thing to some is this story is based on my own experiences back in 2011. Heart hurting, I headed to Magaluf - then didn't return for six weeks. That summer was one eye-opener after another, let's say character-building!

Jodie, however, is not me. More like my best qualities finely tuned. And this is a fictional chick-lit style book, inspired by truths. Check out my blog for the Top 10 questions I am asked about some of the tales included! (includes spoilers)

Maga High is a fun, alternative to the mainstream; an adventure and thrilling. It also includes gritty themes, sexual references and violence.

Not for the easily offended or disturbed!

There is no other story like this on the market - hence my difficulty attracting agency interest (this isn't the kind of thing that people read, apparently!) I absolutely love reading, especially funny chick-lit authors like Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella and Rebecca Chance. I wanted to write something an 'every day' girl can relate to. Like, seriously, who has a glitzy career, multiple men (with their acts together) falling for them - fighting over them even. 

Jodie is a happy-go-lucky, working-class girl approaching mid-twenties. She's been recently betrayed and is determined to move on from her ex with her head held high. She has a rebellious streak and her choices sometimes turn out to be mistakes, lessons learned though. Jodie is a popular character, both in the books and readers' minds!

There are two more books available featuring Jodie (see below)

Maga High is on a real level. I aimed to create a relatable vibe and I think that's been achieved.

Available for Kindle, FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback.

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Educating Jodie

Kindle cover.jpg

Jodie is back from Magaluf! She feels wiser, bolder and ready for her new job as a mentor.

The setting, a behavioural school, again mirrors my own background of working in specialist education. And this story, got me into hot water.

So let me reiterate - this is a fictional tale. Yes, I used my considerable experience with vile female bosses to model the headmistress, Julie. And I did magnify, possibly not always the most flattering traits, of individuals. Even placed them in compromising positions!

But, hey, this is the story-telling business. Us authors, lie. That is basically what our imagination is. And us readers, we lap it up (fantasizing over the inspiration for that detail...) 

I had A LOT of fun writing this book (wink wink) and making the connections between my own school-days and those working at a school. People misbehave, regardless of age - bullies operate, the 'popular kid' or group exists, people backstab and gossip, feelings get hurt or impure intentions drive behaviour, affairs happen, sex happens, friendships bloom.

I suppose I expelled a few of my work-place grievances through this story. Hard-workers are often left under-appreciated and burnt out. It's not what you know, it's who you know (sometimes who you'll do) an often, unfortunate and unfair truth of the world. 

Educating Jodie sees her sex life blossom as she tests out boundaries. She's single and has discovered her own desirability to the opposite sex. Sex can be great. It also equals strife. 

The final instalment of Jodie in her twenties. Happy endings can be guaranteed in a chick-lit. And I stay true to my aim, traditions are avoided - this happy ending is pretty realistic. 

Available for Kindle, FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback.

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Pub Life

Pub life_front cover only_JPG.jpg

My ex received an ear-bashing from his mum after she read Pub Life. 

It also raised many eyebrows in my local area as awkward questions were asked about the 'true identities' of the featured characters. (A hilarious, heart-warming and eccentric cast) 


I remind you, it's inspired fiction. The truth is far weirder than Pub Life- and not as entertaining.

Of course, I had no intention of exposing an ex (that's collateral) and every intention of proving one, alongside others, well wrong. (I won't ever write a book? Really.)

Pub Life is, in my opinion, the funniest of the Jodie trilogy and yet the darkest. This contrast reflects my attitude toward anguish - try and make light of it.

I took full advantage of my waitressing experiences to create some amusing and cringeworthy circumstances - milking the interesting people I came across during my hospitality career, and making fun of the repetitive routines as well as unusual challenges faced!

The thing I enjoyed most about writing Pub Life was making a story so interesting that people still want to read it - even if they already know the ending. The nickname 'stupid prick', as Jodie's ex is referred to in Maga High, suggests he is hardly the Prince Charming she first falls for. If you have read, Maga High, there'll be no question as to what ends the relationship.

Now you can find out what attracted her. What got her hooked. Why did it ultimately push her to stay in Magaluf, and behave the way she did?

Jodie goes through the mill in Pub Life. But her heartache provokes a transforming adventure.

Pub Life is crisp and refreshing. A gossipy night out, a rollercoaster romance, heart-warming and heart-breaking.

Available for Kindle, FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback.

The Narcissist Notebook

The Narcissist Notebook

Another book that got me into hot water - more specifically my featured telltale story.

I'm getting used to trouble by now.  And this time I can't say it's fiction.


Well, the truth hurts. And don't piss a writer off. More essentially - just don't be a dick to people. My pen can be dangerous and I'm not afraid to use it against you when shots are fired. I think it's ironic I got abuse on top of the suffering, cheers for that love.

This collection of tales and poems involving narcissistic, toxic people have been written by 'us' - regular people who wanted to share, inspire, heal, move on, blow the whistle or unleash a bit of anger in a pretty safe way.

Collating this content was such a moving and emotional journey. It inspired my blog post, Bad Relationships made me Better and caused a painful and difficult process of self-discovery.

A popular anthology. You will enjoy this if you like true stories, relationship stories, have experience with narcissism or want to develop your understanding and resilience.

There has been mild demand for a second edition. If you're interested in contributing please contact me - getting involved is simple.

I have always had a fascination with the human mind - specifically behaviour, personality and impacting disorders - narcissism particularly interests me and inspired my first ever poetry performance! You can watch it here.

Feedback and reviews have mostly been very encouraging, thank you. This title is available for Kindle and paperback. Royalties are donated to two charities (one supporting females in crisis and the second, men's mental health charity Mankind. 

Lyrical Instinct


This collection is easily the 'special one'.

Rhymes, poems and raps written by me aged nine to late teens - then replied to by me aged thirty-three. Themes of love, relationships, heartbreak, mental health, anger, the environment, moral, political and social issues, acceptance, rejection and more.

I've always loved writing poems. I get high off the creative process. I use my rhymes to exercise demons, work through difficult emotions, explore my feelings and deliver messages.

I planned to write an advice book for my younger sisters. Made a start on a number of occasions and I always come to the same conclusion very quickly: 

I am a contradiction.

If only they could see themselves through my eyes, they would never experience self-doubt. If I could shield them from feeling any of the pain I have in my life so far - I'd want to - but then I know life experience itself is so very important. Never mind they already both have their own share of strife considering tender ages.

All three of my sisters are inspirations to me - I hope some of these poems provide an element of inspiration in return one day.

Choose you. Choose the people and things that make you feel happiest. Think big, explore opportunities, find out who you are. Make being you enough, be kind and live openly.

This collection gives me strength and a sense of purpose in this crazy, turbulent and testing world. It also began the development of my Lyrical Makeover services. You can find out here how my poetry skills can be of use to you! Or for unusual home features, click here.

Available for Kindle and in paperback from Amazon. FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Maga Rush cover.PNG

Short Stories


My brother resolutely won't read Maga High; too afraid of the images he might conjure of me - his sister - fulfilling the role of Jodie. And plenty of my mates have boasted to wanking over my words... how they visualise Jodie, I would rather leave to their imaginations!

So one night, after reassuring him Maga Rush is purely fiction, he agreed to read over the steamy lesbian, American-Pie style sex scene. He LOVED it. Like porn, he said.

3 short stories, designed to get the pulse racing - and give you a taste of the Maga High world. Scandalous. Sexual. Saucy. Sordid. 

This is a standalone collection - no experience of my other books needed to enjoy this!