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Maga High

Maga High is the tale of Jodie going off on her first girls holiday to party destination Magaluf!

Once there she is swept away by the bolshie and wild atmosphere and after uncovering some home-truths about her friends and herself, she realises she can- and she wants to- stay! Just for a few weeks, she doesn't start her new job until September, it's possible but can she really be a PR or a shot girl!

Peek behind the curtains of the worker scene as Jodie boldly discovers the sometimes harsh, often funny, disturbing and crazy reality of the Magaluf strip.

Maga High was described as having 'a 50 shades vibes- with better sex scenes' by book blogger Savannah. Expect naughtiness, shocks and ultimately lots of good fun.

There's highs and lows to this adventure!

Available for Kindle, FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback.

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Educating Jodie

Jodie is back from Magaluf!

She starts her new job and is amazed to find the school is as entertaining- and challenging- place to work as the Maga party strip.

She's not the girl who left the village less than 2 months before, she's confident, happy and on the prowl for hot men! Of course, she'll have to see that 'stupid prick' but she realises that without him she would probably never have gone to Magaluf in the first place. And the thanks she owes him doesn't stop there!

Jodie gets stuck in at work, and her home-life and sex-life begin to thrive! She's having her cake and eating it! She's playing safe, so what's the harm?

But nothing is ever so simple! Follow Jodie and her newest education in life, love, friendship, war and all that's in between.  

Available for Kindle, FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback.

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Pub Life

Jodie recently broke up with her long-term boyfriend and moved back home with her mum. It's not so bad- her mum fusses about her decisions but she's sure she has done the right thing.


She still works with him though and although she likes her job waitressing it's on her mind to make more changes.


The last thing Jodie expects, is to find love in her local but then she doesn't expect a lot of what unravels over the year. She uncovers passion, deception, love and heart-break, and discovers new friends, hobbies, talents and direction along the way!


Find out just what drove Jodie to visit Magaluf, and ultimately started her on the path of adventure! 

Available for Kindle, FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback.

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The Narcissist Notebook

This is a collection of short stories and poems based on experiences with a narcissist. If you're unsure what a narcissist is there is a to-the-point explanation at the start of the book. In short, the people who contributed have been cheated, used, conned, abused in love, friendships and their work-lives!

The stories are real and range from bizarre to bad! Unsettling to heart-warming! But all share two aims- to raise awareness and to inspire! 

Collecting and editing this collection was a journey for me. It bought me to tears, had me punching the air in triumph and looking at my own decisions. I included a few of my own pieces- old and new- all exclusive to this collection.

I would also like to shout out Gary Clarke, an author in my local area. Three of his poems feature. They are angry, powerful and brilliant- I am a huge fan. His full poetry collection will also be available very soon.

All royalties from this book are being donated to charity. 

Also in the Magaluf series

Three short stories- each racy, wild and tantalising!

You don't have to have read Maga High to enjoy these snapshots of Magaluf worker life!

Gemma and Beth get raunchy, Wendy gets even and Tanya has important choices to make.

Only available for Kindle, FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

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