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Dear Jodie- Dating

August 2019

New and Exclusive!

We are excited to welcome our agony aunt, Dear Jodie, to the pages of the Glenfield Gazette.

Each month she will discuss a hot topic and answer your problems with her no-nonsense approach.

Jodie is the key character in local author, Lindzi Mayann’s trilogy- Pub Life, Maga High and Educating Jodie, all available on Amazon.

This month Jodie talks ‘dating’.

It would seem that actively searching for a partner somehow repels potentials! Make sure you love yourself before you seek anyone else to love. Try, well, not to try.

Remember, relationships tend to be hard work! So enjoy being single, be patient. Instead of dating, have fun with friends- or by yourself. Find hobbies to enjoy. If possible, travel! Visit different places. Plan nights out or events to check out.

If you’re genuinely looking, sign up to a reputable and serious dating site. Forget any stigma.

Dear Jodie,

How can I keep myself safe on a date?

Weigh up the risks. If alarm bells are already ringing, skip it.

But are you just being precautious? Because there’re a few things you can do. If possible, check them out on social media and even Google search!

Meet somewhere neutral- not their ‘turf’. You could suggest the place. Make sure people know where you are. Stay in touch with a mate. Arrange a lift home from a friend, don’t go back to their place or book your own hotel room to keep some level of control. Joke about a close connection to the Mafia… If they’re worth it they won’t pressure you into doing things on their terms. Go and enjoy!

Dear Jodie,

Should I sign up to a dating app?

POF, Tinder, Badoo- they’re all good for chatting and sometimes arranging ‘dates’. Reputation suggests you might not find serious or long term partners but try it out with an open mind and don’t take behaviour of others personally.

Got a dating issue? Leave a comment or contact me directly


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