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Dear Jodie- Friendships

October 2019

This month Jodie talks friendships.

Friendships are harder than relationships. Says me.

We usually have more of them- best, old, school and work friends, family, parenting and social media friends. They vary in if and when we hook up, how much we reveal, what we use them for…

They can be a source of great enjoyment, support and relief but also a stress if and when they go wrong.

Choose your friends wisely. They will lift you up or bring you down. They should inspire, motivate and support, and of course this should be a two way street!

Friendships arecompromise, they’re giving what you can, they’re supposed to be enjoyable. If they aren’t, you are allowed to change them- or something about them.

Just like relationships, maintaining friendships does take work. Talk problems through, send texts, offer to visit, arrange to go out together or help out. And also recognise if they no longer make you happy.

Just because you have known somebody for ages or had a fantastic friendship five years ago doesn’t mean you have to continue. You don’t have to ‘fall out’ but moving on is fine.

If you have suffered a fall out decide carefully if you actually want to make amends!

Dear Jodie, my friend copies me.

Unfortunately, you must take this as a compliment. You can get around it by not telling them what you plan to buy, changing your style regularly or setting them up by pointing out some hideous purchases…

Dear Jodie, my friend always brings me down and upsets me.

This type of person is usually unhappy and unconfident.

Talk to them about how you feel, offer to help. But remember you’re not a door mat so get rid if the negativity continues.

Dear Jodie, I want friends!

Take advantage of social media and online forums, especially if you’re short of money or some other way restricted to getting out. Join clubs, volunteer and visit local events.

If you'd like friendship advice, leave a comment or contact me directly: lindzimayann@outlook.com

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