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Dear Jodie- Have a Merry Christmas!

December 2019

This month Jodie talks ‘Having a Merry Christmas!’

Christmas; tis the season to be jolly! Right? Unfortunately we live in a consumer society and for many Christmas is a time of massive pressure and stress.

Well forget expensive presents and extravagant dinners. Let’s get back to basics! Remember those who aren’t fortunate of a warm home, company or hot food.

Giving gifts (and receiving them!) can be a source of great pleasure. But don’t put yourself into debt over it. There’re plenty of gestures which won’t break the bank. A visit, a cake, a poem, letter or framed photo. Show you care and be grateful for small pleasures.

If you can, reach out to others, volunteer and donate instead of spending money on that extra side dish or packet of fancy cards.

Be grounded. Celebrate. Be merry with those around you. If you’re blessed to have friends and family, enjoy them.

Want some Christmas company? There’s an ad for Anstey’s Christmas Day dinner in this edition!

Dear Jodie, every year there’s a family argument over who should visit who. I just want to relax but I don’t want to upset anybody either. Help!

This is a common problem and I’m lucky mine are very understanding- I’ll be in India this year! Talk to your family, tell them your feelings and reach compromises. Remind them it’s about sharing time together, that can be any day. My family Christmas will happen in January.

Dear Jodie, my kids want EVERYTHING. How can I stop them from being disappointed?

It’s hard not to get sucked into advertising and social pressure. Kids seem to have everything these days! Get involved in a Christmas appeal and give them some perspective on how lucky they are. Limit their Christmas wish list. Buy them something you can enjoy together (craft or tabletop game) and create some fun memories!

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