• Lindzi Mayann

Dear Jodie- Rejection

November 2019

This month Jodie talks ‘rejection’.

Rejection can take many forms. And it really hurts. Like, scientifically, it feels like a physical pain. I can vouch for that.

You don’t get the job, you’re cheated on, you’re let down or knocked back in one way or another. ‘Rejection’ is worth recognising because it can cause all kinds of knee-jerk and subtle reactions: violence, drinking, negative thinking patterns and emotions, depressive moods, low confidence.

Deal with rejection by accepting it. And move on. Use the emotions to inspire new ideas and fuel projects. Choose to get on with it. Keep choosing to get on with it every time you feel yourself dwelling.

It’s an outlook which needs investing in. Things won’t always go right, that’s life. But it’s fun seeing what’s in store next, right?

Dear Jodie,

The guy I like blows hot and cold. Does he like me or not?

I’d say not. You would know if he liked you. And as you ‘don’t know’ he’s playing games, is the rejection you’re experiencing over and over worth it? This will take its toll on you, let it continue at your own risk.

Dear Jodie,

My relationship is over and it wasn’t my decision. My ex has a new partner and I’m not over it, at all. Help.

The pain will pass with time. Space helps, where that’s possible. Don’t look over photos, social media stalk, think things over and over. Focus on you, look forward, make plans and get active! Life must go on, sometimes you must make it.

Dear Jodie,

I recently blew a big opportunity. I had my hopes pinned on it, what now?

Look at what this opportunity would have helped you to achieve. If it’s something you still want, what could you do instead? Investigate, research and put yourself out there. What can you learn from this time to help in the future? There will be more opportunities. Make your own luck!

Had a tough rejection experience? Share it below or get in touch with your problem: lindzimayann@outlook.com

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