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A Conversation. An idea. The Event.

This is a tale originating from knife crime and murder, set in the world of boxing and involving purpose, action, pride and examples of great community collaboration. But it's a fight that's really only just begun. You too can be a part of saving local lives. Here's how two Leicester innovators have made it possible for us all to get involved in making our streets less fatal. Ollie, 32, and Tyler, 36, organised and hosted, "Jab Don't Stab" Boxing Event, the first in its kind for the UK, on March 5th of this year.

Supporting the Daniel Baird Foundation, their aim to fund bleed-control kits for various locations throughout Leicester will mean vital first aid is available when violent conflict arises. Potentially saving lives in future. Following the death of Kieron Moore, 20, in November '21 after he was stabbed on Saffron Lane, Tyler and Ollie found themselves talking around Christmas about the tragic loss and the rising dangers in their communities. It was this initial conversation that sparked the idea to do something and plans began to form, very rapidly shaping up into a massive boxing event, which was held around one hundred days after that first discussion!

It's an incredible achievement and a fantastic example of what's possible when individuals decide to take action, working together for a greater cause. In 2019 the highest number of serious knife-crime incidents were reported in a decade in Leicester and by 2021 the police announced operation sceptre to combat a "devastating" rising trend, after "numerous" stabbings. The Jab Don't Stab campaign seeks to raise awareness to the very realistic consequences of knife crime. Kieron's family attended the evening's show and a match was held in his name. Especially-made belts were presented to both the winning fighter and one to Kieron's family in commemoration. It was also important to Ollie and Tyler that they found an ongoing solution to saving lives, an answer to knife crime. Their early research had quickly connected them to the Daniel Baird Foundation. This was the opportunity they wanted to provide. On-the-scene first aid and hopefully a life saved.

Just over three months of tireless effort, determination and financial dedication from both men, alongside sponsorship and voluntary help, March 5th saw the Leicester Sports Centre transformed into a glam venue and an evening of quality bouts between both new and seasoned boxers. This first event had a positively charged atmosphere, was well-attended and well received too. Feedback from those who were there, and those who were part of the show has been extremely motivating and despite the exhaustive and monumental drive behind-the-scenes, the next Jab Don't Stab boxing event is already in planning! Ollie and Tyler credited the support received from local businesses explaining that without their backing this event wouldn't have happened, and the next one wouldn't be possible. Tyler had this to say about their main sponsors, "Gareth, the owner of Solid State Furniture based in Main Wigston, has gone above and beyond to help us. Morris Designs have contributed enormously, with exactly what we wanted to help with our promo materials. Hybrid AV helped with the audio and visual and, Kully, Leicester Sports Centre owner, has taken on a huge role in the organisation. Thank you to you all, we really couldn't be doing this without your commitment." The initial aim is to fund 100 bleed-control kits across a total of 4 events, hitting one quarter of their target after each fundraiser. The first set of kits will be ordered early April and June 11th has already been announced as the next fight night which promises to be just as big, if not even bigger. Jab Don't Stab also offers a positive sporting focus for the community and showcases a supportive network of local businesses and creative people.

Tyler and Ollie's continued persistence and commitment is having an impact in so many positive ways for Leicestershire. But they can't do it alone. You can support this campaign in a number of ways: Share this article on social media. Tag friends. Tell people about it. Buy tickets for the event. Donate to the Daniel Baird Foundation. Are you A Leicestershire business? Sponsor the show and promote your product and services through the event and on the night. Do you offer something that will help the show? From printing to coverage to equipment, if you think you’re able to support please get in touch. Contact: Tyler - 07718610243 Ollie - 07961158924 Email: jabdontstab.events@gmail.com Fight results from March 5th: George Tyers (Urban Cobra) vs Rio Blockley (Total Health & Fitness) DRAW Shiv Dhokiya (Urban Cobras) vs Jack Kightley (ICB Derby) 1ST ROUND STOPPAGE - Shiv Dhokiya Conor Dixon vs Ethan Morley (Jab Don’t Stab) DRAW James McClean (Urban Cobras) vs Dan Chilcott (ICB Derby) POINTS DECISION - James McClean Lewis Bradbury (Urban Cobras) vs Kian Hirrell (Total Health & Fitness) POINTS DECISION - Lewis Bradbury Jay Handley (Urban Cobras) vs Karl Wright (ICB Derby) POINTS DECISION - Jay Handley Dan Bradbury (Urban Cobras) vs Steve jones (ICB Derby) 1ST ROUND KO - Dan Bradbury Robert Jaisu (Muscle Machine) vs Ian Edwards (Jab Don’t Stab) 1ST ROUND STOPPAGE - Robert Jaisu Lee Jay Crane vs Trevor Jones (Exhibition) DRAW Joe White (Urban Cobras) vs Ste Webb (Jab Don’t Stab) 3RD ROUND STOPPAGE - Joe White Chris Wood (Jab Don’t Stab) vs Nathan Massey (ICB Derby) 2ND ROUND STOPPAGE - Chris Wood Lee Jay Crane vs Michael Parbery (Exhibition) DRAW Kieron Palmer (Jab Don’t Stab) vs Natt (ICB Derby) POINTS DECISION - Natt Kieron Moore Memorial title fight Lucas Baker vs Ryan (ICB Derby) POINTS DECISION - Lucas Baker Louis Rushin (Jab Don’t Stab) vs Ollie Mcgowan 1ST ROUND STOPPAGE - Ollie Mcgowan A huge thank you to all of our sponsors: Leicester Sports Centre Solid State Furniture, Wigston Morris Designs Hybrid AV DOC Event Medical Specialists Leicester Gold Teeth Hades Empire M Bates Plastering Dhillon Securities Rocky Barbers Vogue Tanning Daniel Baird Foundation

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