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Just The Tonic

An amazing idea for a night out in Leicester!

Just The Tonic Comedy Club host events in Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Camden, Reading, Watford and the Edinburgh Fringe. They offer fabulous value for money (tickets often less than £15) and showcase a variety of talented comedians (look out for events featuring 4 or more acts!)

As part of the Leicester Comedy Festival, Just The Tonic offered an awesome '7 Comedians for £7' and 5 of us booked to go along for the nobble.

The line-up was a closely guarded secret and we had differing expectations! I have been to a number of Just The Tonic (JTT) events and having NEVER been disappointed, I had trust it would be a good show. My friends however- all JTT virgins- were dubious and half-expecting crap acts and a restless, awkward 2 and a half hours.

I couldn't blame them. £7! (Plus booking charge of 75p per person) but even so, surely too good value to actually be up to much.

Doors opened at 7.30pm and the show started at 8.30. We still didn't know who we would be seeing as we took our seats but I was definitely excited!

The Line Up

(All 7 of the following comedians are worth looking out for in future events!)

Will Duggan

Will thrived from the audience 'participation' and by that I mean a few hecklers got shredded. In particular a caravan salesman gave him the perfect opportunity to go straight in with some brutal piss-taking. He also latched onto my loudest friend, Gem, ribbing her with enthusiasm. He was quick and cutting, verging on angry (or at least hungover), definitely ready- and capable- of going in for the kill! And as he doubled as our host we got to enjoy him plenty.

Hayley Ellis

Hayley was hilarious from the offset covering everything from her Fitbit and ways to 'toss' the system (just couldn't resist the pun) to her days being called a 'prostitute' 'pigeon'. Yes. But don't mention the pigeon part, she certainly doesn't look like one! Hayley used to work in behavioural education (me too) and had me howling at some of her material (maybe more so because I could relate).

Very entertaining and likeable.

Faye Treacy

Faye, the over-sharer, but did she really get her twat out at that gig? I want to know because I suspect yes. Very funny and different with her trombone and, erm, zucchini. Don't want to spoil her unique, musical act with too many details but Faye was a charming mix of awkward, geeky, odd and awesome.

Catching up with Will backstage during an interval

Eric Rushton

Poor body-dysmorphic Eric with his posture like a slice of ham... except he knows laughter is the way to a woman's heart and is 'in this game for the pussy'. With dating tactics derived from X Factor and preparation of rejection Alan-Sugar-style I imagine his investment into comedy is paying off. Endearing and amusing. And wearing a large, gold medal for good measure- because every woman is impressed by a Premier League Winner.

Eric, we thank you for this opportunity...

Tony Law

Tony came bounding out in a headband and with a definite wild side. Funny, energetic and kinda crazy; he reminded me of an older version of my bro and I loved him for that alone! I laughed my head off at his fog-horn!!! He had the room creasing with his sound effects and generally eccentric ranting. Here I am backstage with him (TOP) and Eric, happily both reported to have LOVED the Leicester crowd.

Jack Campbell

Jack had us in stitches with his observations on 'the posh', 'village problems' and of course, 'peedos'. As a kid growing up in the countryside, we all knew one right? He hilariously challenged the perceptions of what is actually 'gay' and some general blokey rules when it comes to using urinals and texting. All the important stuff of course, well executed and funny... xxx

Larry Dean

This self-proclaimed 'vagina dodger' didn't leave us guessing over his sexual preferences and immediately had us in fits over general observations about Grindr and relationships. I, and at least 2 others of my group, LOVE the Glaswegian accent and it only added to his comedy-value. Extremely funny and a riveting energy- I was virtually crying over the 'you look like a worm' story.

Just The Tonic promised 7 comedians and delivered 7 high-quality, quirky, varied and laugh out loud performances.

We visited as a group of five girls but the audience consisted of couples plus groups of males and females- and everyone in-between! The venue was fab, clean toilets and a fair-enough priced bar (£3- alcopop, £3.50 spirit and mixer, £4 choice of bottled lager). Age range was generally 30+.

There is security on the door so expect bag-checks.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to the manager and (comedian obviously), Darrell Martin, who is doing an excellent job alongside, Martin England. Both seem genuinely lovely guys.

Just The Tonic is fully recommended from us, and tickets are also a perfect gift idea.

See you again soon JTT!


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