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Dear Jodie- New Year Resolutions

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

January 2020

This month Jodie talks New Year, New Me!

There are a huge range of things you might want to change, improve or quit and it is impossible to answer each specifically right now. I’ve made lots of resolutions- some I’ve stuck to and some I haven’t. And I’ve learned a little about what makes a resolution successful and worthwhile.

Here is my general ‘resolutions’ advice to hopefully help you with your success.

Firstly, if it isn’t something you actually WANT to do, it won’t happen.

If you NEED to do it, think about your reasons behind the resolution.

Focus on the outcome you want to achieve. Use this as your motivation.

Make sure your resolution is realistic and can actually be met. I’m a believer in dreaming big- but aiming for something unobtainable is just painful.

If YOU want it, still dream big and go for it! Break large targets into smaller aims.

Don’t give up because you have a bad day or a bad couple of days. Or even a bad few weeks.

Don’t ‘wait’ until a certain date or day to begin- or restart.

Resolutions can, and probably should, be adjusted as you go. Take note of failures and influences and make necessary changes.

Explore what works for YOU- keep a record of your progress, tell everyone, tell no one, ask for help from friends and family, seek out professional help, research, attend support groups, network, write to Dear Jodie!

Your resolution might have a clear and ultimate goal or something less measurable such as an attitude change. Either way recognise this as a journey, which won’t always be easy and will be ongoing.

Don’t be too hard on yourself! Stay positive- even when it’s gone or going wrong- know you can be ok on the other side.

Enjoy the ride, notice the view and celebrate every little win. Happy 2020!

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