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April 2020

Do you suffer from anxiety? Or another health condition which impacts on your confidence and wellbeing?

A free horse care group for adults is coming to Park View Stables (in-between Anstey and Thurcaston) this May, 2020. Last week I caught up with Nat Lennon, the woman behind the idea and my good friend, to find out exactly what inspired her idea and details of the meet-up.

Nat has loved horses FORVER, has worked with them for almost just as long and readily admits they have always supported her with her anxiety.

Ten years ago she was diagnosed with Crohns and the disease became extremely aggressive having all kinds of impacts on her health and life. You can read the full article and view pics online: www.lindzi.co.uk/post/horses

Following operations, complications and all sorts of treatments, Nat is thankfully in remission. Her mental health has suffered however and for a while she has been wondering how she can use her experiences to help others.

Since working with and being around horses has helped her to cope, she decided to provide this opportunity for others who are struggling.

There is no experience with horses necessary and the 90 minute slots will include learning the horse’s routine and how to care for them- and of course the chance to meet like-minded others in the community.

I am so proud of this strong, amazing person who has not only battled her own horrendous problems but now seeks to support others in her community. Particularly in the current climate I think it is even more important for us to reach out and show our togetherness.

I have my own experience in mental health both professionally and personally and have seen the benefits horses have on wellbeing, confidence and happiness. They have been used in therapy (Equine Assisted Therapy or ‘EAT’) for many years and are still a popular choice when aiding recovery, addiction, behavioural and health issues.

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