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March 2020

Pole Dancing. Sleazy, sexy or a serious sport?

I’d say it has the potential to be all of the above and far more. Just like any form of art it can be used, enjoyed and criticised in so many ways.

I began learning to pole dance ten years ago and have trained on and off since. I have had many comments, embarrassed chuckles and raised eyebrows on the subject. More annoyingly those who think it’s easy!

Lately however ideas are evolving; it has become far more accepted as a form of fitness and respect for pole as a form of sport is increasing.

Pole dancing has been incredibly good for my mental health. It improves my mood, my physical fitness and confidence. I started out learning for a bit of fun but more recently began toying with the idea of competing- so watch this space!

Pole dancing is also a career choice many choose to take and it’s not just working in strip clubs (festivals, shows, events, online forums). As long as a person isn’t pressured or forced into a line of work I am fully supportive of anyone monotonising on their skills.

Some people hate Gentleman’s Clubs but they’re often anything but gentle places to work. Pole dancers have to be strong and tough women. If you can dance and make money from it, fair play!

Being a teacher, it has been a tricky topic at times- added to my love for pole, I am an author of very adult fiction plus have blue hair and tattoos. Perhaps I aim to challenge stigmas in life.

Since researching this article lots of interesting topics were raised including parenthood, careers, marriage and the menopause. I will do my best to explore some of these over the upcoming months and keep your suggestions coming!

If you want to try pole classes check out Flight Fitness.

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