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Maga High Stripped

Since publishing in February of 2018 Maga High has continued to cause a stir.

Set in Magaluf during a summer holiday season, the risky and gritty nature of the story has provoked curiosity over what inspired the story and whether any of it is really true!

Here I answer your top 10 most asked questions so far!

Is Maga High Fact or Fiction?

Maga High is written predominantly for entertainment and is a fictional version of something I experienced years ago. I did work in Magaluf for a short time and some of the funny events featured in Maga High happened in one way or the other. But I think many fiction stories are inspired by the truth.

The story is not the 'full truth'- some people think the book is a little far-fetched, but actually the reality was far stranger than the fictional version! And on the other hand just because it happens in Maga High does not mean it happened to me, or in the way it is described.

Maga High is a chick-lit. I wrote it be fun and thrilling. Hopefully there are lessons to be learned from Jodie and the reader might even feel inspired to go for something they previously thought was too daunting or not possible.

Is it really that easy to find summer work in Magaluf?

In the story Jodie finds work the day she asks- and so did I. But I also know plenty who don't find work for days- or more often, work trial night after trial night without successfully keeping a job. I witnessed people sacked on the spot if they didn't get the right results quickly enough. I also had my role and wage changed on a whim with a 'like it or leave' attitude.

It is a tough world to navigate but not impossible. There are companies who can help with accommodation and work but I'd recommend doing your research. Join Facebook groups for seasonal workers and put feelers out for advice.

Do workers really flash for cash?

I got the general impression that anything goes as long as the bar makes its money! But my personal experience is limited to a time and a few places- things could be completely different now and some places could have strict rules. Plus although I saw one shot girl go as far as to flash her minky for extra sales there were plenty who didn't do these things!

Is sex really such a big thing over there?

I haven't been to Magaluf since my original visit so my opinion is outdated now. I found Magaluf to be very orientated around sex- or 'banging'- as it was regularly referred to.

I thought Maga was a bit seedy and extremely boisterous- I'm gunna smash your back doors in- was a common comment! But I know a lot of effort has gone into cleaning up the Magaluf reputation so who knows about now.

I know from those I speak to Magaluf is regularly visited purely for its crazy, 'anything goes' scene and I hope the 'clean up' hasn't gone too far! Despite the rowdiness I would definitely visit again.

Did you really get thrown across the street?

Yes! One day whilst working I was picked up by a tourist who started running across the street with me in his arms. Just like in Maga High he tripped and fell injuring us both. Him far worse than me, which was still awful and I did get the blame as though I had been asking for it!

Did you really get flashed willies in the street?

Yes! One day, again working, I was approached by 2 American guys, one who asked if I'd ever seen a black dick before. There were lots of times I was put completely on the spot and didn't know what to say or do! Before I could answer though he pulled his out his shorts, showing me like a prized possession! Although I suppose to him it actually was! I just laughed and luckily it went away again, but the guy was VERY full on. I even hid in the bar at one point but the manager shooed me back outside saying it was part of my job to deal with it.

Other times the tourists or PR's would whip them out, usually to swing around! Strange and usually just funny.

Did you really get 'accidentally' paid for sex?

No! The relative scene is symbolic of how I felt treated by the managers at one bar. In particular one guy there encouraged certain behaviour from staff only to throw it back when it suited him- I experienced it and watched it happening. He wasn't the only one either. Casual sex happens more openly but double standards still existed. This is an example of how I twisted truths into stories.

I've got a story, how do I write it?

I have always loved reading and writing and I honestly think you must have read A LOT of books and genuinely love reading to write a good story. If that's you, sit down and just write! There's tons of advice online about how to write well, but you need that initial flare and desire- and you need to just make a start! If it works it works and if not you need to look at why... I am open to discussing any of the writing processes, feel free to contact me!

Are any of the characters based on real people?

Originally there were some but not now. This is a tricky question because initially I found it easiest to pick real people as 'base' characters for each person mentioned. It just helps with details such as eye colour or a particular characteristic like laughter or sarcasm. But then once the story takes off, so do the characters, they begin to do and say things that are right for the plot and not what somebody I know would do. Also things become magnified for the sake of humour or the circumstances so by that point I feel like they're their own character not a representation of someone real.

Are you actually Jodie?

No! Jodie, is just Jodie! I created her and she has similarities and differences to me. I am so pleased she has been described as relatable because I wanted her to be a mix of naïve and crazy. I almost feel proud of 'how well she's done' then I remember she is part of me and I made her up! I am very happy to have used Jodie to launch my career as a writer. Perhaps I'll follow up on her in the future and release a story of Jodie in her 30's!

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