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Dear Jodie Problem Page

No-nonsense life advice from the straight-talking "Jodie"

In the summer of 2019 I was asked by the Glenfield Gazette to write a column for them and I suggested an agony aunt page named after my character, Jodie, from the Jodie Trilogy. In my book Pub Life (prequel to Maga High) Jodie jokes about how she would respond to problems if she was an agony aunt and it inspired the idea of 'Dear Jodie'.

It's caused some confusion in my local area; I get called both Lindzi and Jodie, even Judy once and since I absolutely LOVE Judge Judy I quite liked that one. Judge Jodie, I think, has a ring to it! Despite writing under Jodie's name I would never offer advice I don't actually believe in. And the advice I offer comes from genuine experiences.

Some people know my first book, Maga High, was influenced by my own time working on the Magaluf party-strip. Some people think everything that happens to Jodie in my story actually happened to me! Some of it did, or some versions of some of it at least.

You can read my blog on the Top 10 questions asked about Maga High for the truths behind the madness! And as always, contact me with any questions and if you need advice about a life issue!

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