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Three Guys Walk Into A Bar

Book Review

Three Guys Walk Into A Bar by Jim Shields is a seriously handy guide to fine-tune your creative business ideas.

If you already run a creative business- or have an idea you want to develop for a product or service- you could find this read very helpful and motivating.

I am a tutor and writer and although the book lends itself to creative businesses such as photography, designers and producers, I could see it being useful for anyone who wants to take their trade self-employed.

I write both fiction and self-help style docs and found Three Guys inspirational in planning some of my next big projects.

The wit, humour and inspiring quotes made the book more like a conversation and I took my time to read it, making notes along the way.

Three Guys describes a guy, that guy and the guy.

A guy- the person doing a job.

That guy- a person specialising in a particular aspect of that job.

The guy- the absolute only person on earth who can provide the answer.

Read through the chapters, relate the scenarios to your life right now, work out where you sit. It doesn't matter if you're 'a guy', the book talks through the process of becoming 'that guy'. I linked all of the advice to different aspects of my business, things that have already worked and not worked.

I had ideas in mind about the directions I could explore and Three Guys gave me ways to analyse them, make decisions and develop some of them.

Becoming 'the guy' doesn't happen without the processes before it. A guy and that guy build the foundations for forming the guy.

I just wish there were more people like Jim Shield's, truly creative people, in charge! Perhaps my 'wacky' cover letters and pitches would be picked up more often! Ultimately I have realised how passionate I am about creativity as a whole. And we're all too busy out being eccentric (having enormous fun and often success) to run huge publishing companies...

Creative people are translators. They celebrate the beautiful and raise up the mundane. Creative people are problem solvers and fixers. They can see ways around things because they've been doing it instinctively their whole lives. And the world needs us more now than ever.

So keep being creative! "Celebrate the beautiful and lift up the mundane." I LOVE it.

Here is the link to Jim Shield's insightful read.


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