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Would You Pay For Sexy Pictures and Videos?

Have you heard about Only Fans?

Callum has set up an account to try and beat the impact Corona Virus has had on his career.

I first met Callum four years ago when he was working as a topless waiter. The “ladies” evening my friend and I attended was hosted by a Ms. Dee Licious and, naturally, included strippers throughout the night.

Callum melted away our initial awkwardness- yes we had both been to strip shows before but this was a small venue, no melting into the background! And he made us laugh all night. He had a confident and easy way with us, striking good lucks and charm, so obviously we welcomed his chat. The rowdiness around us didn’t stop our getting to know a little about him; a ‘normal’ guy working in the ‘sex industry’.

He provided many hot topics plus was interesting- he can breathe fire, pole dance ride a unicycle and aspired to become a stunt man! We exchanged Facebook details and kept in loose contact and when the Corona Virus hit Callum reached out to me.

Not to write this article, but to let me know about his Only Fans account.

For those who don’t know, Only Fans is a subscription based site. Users can pay to view content for any number of reasons- learn yoga, pole dance, access workouts. It’s usually between eight and twenty pounds a month for access to all content published, pretty good in value plus the perks of accessing the stuff at your own leisure.

Of course in light of Corona hitting, online is suddenly the way forward.

Callum, who models and has been in films and on TV, explained his work has quickly dried up since events and gatherings are being rapidly cancelled. And with the rise in popularity of sites such as Only Fans, the sex industry has gone boom. Well, if it wasn’t already booming enough.

Since Callum is no stranger to using his body as a means of work, he has decided to continue using it- providing hot and teasing pics and vids for a monthly price. I have seen them. I admit they got my pulse racing and that felt good.

So it got me thinking. Which women subscribe to content created by sexy men? Yes, purely for sexual satisfaction and self-fulfilment?

It’s honestly a conversation I’m not sure I’ve ever had!

Men talk about it. Some openly say they’d pay, some say they wouldn’t, some are disgusted, some say fair play.

After visiting Amsterdam I realised I would love to be a man and have that choice of women to have sex with, you know just for the sheer pleasure of it. Have you seen them? Some are gorgeous! And men pay for all sorts to sexually gratify themselves- prostitutes, porn, lap dances, pictures, used panties. It’s not all exactly mainstream, there are still camps- some HATE it, some accept, some actively enjoy. Whatever.

But it’s not an accepted topic for women is it? Or is it?

Even dildo’s aren’t openly discussed by some. I’ve been asked by men, almost conspiratorially, ‘do you have a dildo?’ Or sometimes, ‘I bet you have loads of dildos!’

Why, because I look the type to want an array of cocks to choose from? I have, in fact, a whole toolbox of toys.

If a woman has a dildo, in my general experience the man is jealous. And/ or he somehow wants to get involved, like mate if I wanted the dildo, I wouldn’t need you!

So, Callum who has a son to care for and bills to pay, like many of us, has an Only Fans featuring little teases, saucy pics and hot work outs. Would you subscribe? I mean, not only is it perfect in these uncertain times of the highly contagious Corona Virus. But as a singleton I can rarely be bothered to put in the effort needed to shag- shave EVERYWHERE, full make-up, nails done- never mind initiate one. Finding one even worth it is hard enough, then they play games.

Subscriptions take out the legwork. I don’t have to dress up and beautify, I don’t have to play dumb, hold my tongue and chat shit. No worries he’ll be coked up. And I can just switch him off when I’m done.

It’s a pretty big win in my eyes. I’m going to cook me a slap up dinner, then take myself, my toolbox and Callum’s videos to bed!

The other cool thing about Only Fans is you can like and comment on the posts- and even message the creator directly. If there’s something you really enjoyed or you have a particular thing you want to see you can make a request. Callum has already assured me he wants to make dreams come true so he will do his best to make fantasies a reality!

What are your thoughts?

And if you’re in a relationship is looking at another person to sexually please yourself a form of cheating? It’s a topic I have discussed in my Dear Jodie article. In my opinion, partners should be open with each other. If they’re already doing any of the above (porn, lap dances etc.) then what are you waiting for! If they’re happy for you to indulge, why not. It should be fair though, don’t bully them into allowing you especially if you wouldn’t be happy if they were doing it too!

Of course, I had to ask Callum his thoughts on men viewing his content. He responded openly that he’s sharing his pictures and videos to please, uplift and inspire anyone regardless of gender or sexual preferences. He says he would never wish to lead anyone on so is open about the fact he is into women, but that doesn’t mean he won’t entertain and cater for men.

So, if you fancy hunky men, what are you waiting for?

If you’re interested in checking Callum out he has Instagram @teamrts and Twitter @CallumTeamRTS and of course his Only Fans account https://onlyfans.com/callumxxx

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