Want an honest opinion and some advice on how to improve your story?

Are you not getting book reviews, or not getting the reviews you would like?

I will read your book for a flat fee of ten pounds and provide five bullet points for improvement.

If you would like a full report there will be an additional fee depending on the depth of work required. Please contact me to discuss, I am here to make stories happen!


Story Refine

Got a story to tell?

Always wanted to write a book but don't know where to start?

Ghost writing services.

Start by asking yourself what the beginning, middle and end is. What is your drive, and what is your message?

If you like what you find, and it is something you believe in, contact me for an initial discussion. I have a simple survey to help you organise your thoughts and if you want to continue, a set of steps to help you realise your dream.

Each step is priced individually, so you are in complete control of your journey.

   Get in touch to find out more.



Book Review

No risk book review.

As an indie author I know how damaging one bad review can be. I will read your book and share my ratings and review with you before you pay a penny. You decide.


Is it worth a tenner for a blog post, a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram blog share plus shout out  to my audience and reviews on Goodreads and Amazon?

Contact me at Lindzimayann@outlook.com 

Got a business, product or event you want people to know about?

I can review, write content, create exposure and awareness. You can share the article over and over and use the text for flyers, social medial posts, posters etc.

This service is £30 and includes shares across my Lindzi Mayann socail network.

Contact me to discuss with no obligations.


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